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Create a travel itinerary with artificial intelligence in app MyTravel

Install the app MyTravel


Enter your city, date range, and preferences for your trip


Get a vacation plan generated by Artificial Intelligence


Book a cottage or tour for your trip right away

Do you need to generate a plan?

Lets compare?

Without MyTravel

  • Discover destinations and attractions on your own
  • Get daily itineraries via WhatsApp
  • Avoid payment to travel agents
  • Ensure the quality of service
  • Miss out on travel bonuses

With MyTravel

  • Access to a complete catalog of travel options
  • See available dates for booking
  • AI planner finds free itineraries
  • All MyTravel partners are verified
  • Get access to bonuses and promotions

Are there any remaining questions?

What are the payment methods?

Can I cancel my booking?

How long does it take for me to receive confirmation of my booking?

How do I use the Planner?

Why do I need authorization?

How do I add an item to my Favorites?

How will I receive the service from the Partner?

There is no place in your app where I would like to go. When will it be available?

How do I contact support?