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Акорда, Астана, Казахстан

Astana is the pride of Kazakhstan

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An exciting journey through Astana, a bright and modern metropolis, awaits you. You will get acquainted with its main symbols: the presidential residence of Akorda, the Baiterek monument and the unusual Khan Shatyr center. You will learn about the peoples inhabiting the republic, their traditions and today's way of life.

Excursion plan

  • You'll see:

  • Akordu is the majestic residence of the President of Kazakhstan, an architectural symbol of power and strength towering over the city.

  • Nurzhol Boulevard is the center of the capital's life with a recognizable atmosphere of a modern metropolis.

  • The Baiterek monument in the form of the Tree of Life is a real jewel in the crown of Astana. After the tour, you can climb to its observation deck to admire the panoramas of the city.

  • The Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center, whose architectural splendor is perfectly combined with the logos of modern world brands.

  • The Astana Opera and Ballet Theatre is a cultural institution created on the initiative of the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. The building was built in 2013 and is recognized as an architectural monument of national significance.


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Акорда, Астана, Казахстан

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Duration of the excursion
2 hours
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On foot
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10 People