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улица Асемтау, Казахстан

From Almaty to the high-mountain plateau of Asy

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It's so high that you think you can touch the sky with your hand. The grass here is so thick that you can't see the soil underneath. And the entire plateau is pierced with streams and springs. Herds of horses graze here, wolves and bears are found in the spruce forests, and there are so many mushrooms and berries in the juniper thickets!

Excursion plan

  • Serpentines of the Turgen Mountain Gorge

  • We will leave Almaty at 9 am and make an impressive 15-kilometer off-road ascent, which will lead us to the peaks of the Trans-Ili Alatau. These places are very picturesque, famous for waterfalls, coniferous and deciduous forests. On the way, we will see a turbulent mountain river, stop at the Turgensay Visitor Center to drink coffee and take photos on the bridge over the Turgen River. In the gorge on weekends there is a bazaar, you can buy homemade wine, marshmallows, apples, honey, berries and souvenirs.

  • Alpine meadow 7 km wide and 40 km long

  • The Asa Plateau is 2750 meters above sea level, incredible juicy green expanses and pristine nature. Here you will see the high-altitude observatory Asy-Turgen. You can't go there, but you can take pictures near it as much as you want. The shots against the background of the 45-meter telescope are very interesting. You can have a picnic on the plateau, end the trip with lunch at a trout farm or combine it with a visit to the Bear Waterfall.


  • No children

Place and time of collection

улица Асемтау, Казахстан

Additional Information

Duration of the excursion
7 hours
Excursion type
By car
Group size
6 People