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бульвар Нуржол, Астана, Казахстан

Daily Walk in Astana

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To get a complete and vivid idea of Astana in a couple of hours, go for a walk along Nurzhol Boulevard with us! We will admire the talent of Kisho Kurakawa, admire the Khan Shatyr tent and the Singing Fountains, talk about the history of the city and the traditions of Kazakhstanis.

Excursion plan

  • Route through the heart of Astana

  • The route of our walk is as straight as the arrow of a steppe nomad: after all, to get acquainted with Astana, you need to walk along its main boulevard Nurzhol! It was designed by Japanese architect Kisho Kurakawa, and believe me, every building on our path is a masterpiece.

  • You will see the top places of the capital: the presidential residence Ak Orda, the Singing Fountain, the Lovers' Park, the Opera and Ballet Theater, the monumental symbol of Astana "Baiterek". And the final point will be the Khan Shatyr shopping center, the largest tent in the world. Under its dome is not only a paradise for shopping, but also a real tropical resort with a pool and sand delivered from the Maldives.

  • By the way, after the walk, we recommend going up to the Baiterek observation deck and admiring Nurzhol Boulevard from a height of 97 meters - impressive!

  • About the city and local culture

  • We will complement the best views of Astana with interesting stories about the city, local legends, educational programs about the culture and traditions of Kazakhstanis. We will also share the secrets and passwords of non-tourist places that are definitely worth visiting while you are in Astana.


  • No children

Place and time of collection

бульвар Нуржол, Астана, Казахстан

Additional Information

Duration of the excursion
2 hours
Excursion type
On foot
Group size
10 People