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Астана, Казахстан

Burabay National Park: A Trip to Kazakhstan's Switzerland

From 155 000


A three-hour drive from Astana, you will discover a real pearl of the steppes. Burabay is a delightful forest, beautiful mountains and 14 pristine lakes. These are almost tame squirrels, snow-covered peaks in winter, and flowering herbs in summer. You will admire the nature of the reserve and taste air baursaks.

Excursion plan

  • A Fascinating Road

  • On the way, you will hear legends and tales about the origin of the region. You will learn the main things about the history of Kazakhstan, traditions and customs of our people. We will introduce you to the music of the steppes, both traditional and modern. We will tell you what the Kazakh people are proud of and what they dream of.

  • Delightful Burabay

  • We will climb the mountain, which offers a breathtaking view, and drink tea with a view of the mystery island. You will visit the multimedia complex and make an interactive flight after the sacred bird Samruk over the whole of Kazakhstan. In the local restaurant you will taste dishes of national cuisine. You will be able to make a wish at the throne of the great Kazakh Khan Abylai. And you will also have the opportunity to arrange a photo shoot in national costumes, feeling like a nomad, and make a coin as a souvenir.

Place and time of collection

Астана, Казахстан

Additional Information

Duration of the excursion
10 hours
Excursion type
By car
Group size
2 People