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MyTravel Business increase revenue during the off-season and streamline booking management

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Keep track of bookings

Accept or reject bookings without unnecessary calls

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  • #on confirm21
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  • #paid122
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Find customers and increase revenue

User-friendly application and AI planner motivate customers to travel with MyTravel


Average booking receipt

71 000 ₸

We will provide analytics and feedback

View financial reports and study customer reviews

Ratings and user reviews

4,9 • 18 отзывов

Take photos and videos of your facility

Help with the selling description of your services and we will invite bloggers to shoot


Lets compare?

Without MyTravel

  • Chaos in booking management
  • Advertising costs
  • Expensive to create appealing content
  • Lack of income tracking
  • Requires own website

With MyTravel

  • Streamlined booking management
  • 0 advertising costs
  • Professional photoshoot and compelling video
  • Comprehensive order analytics
  • Provide a widget and a page with your listings
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Who is MyTravel Business suitable for?

  • Glamping sites and holiday resorts

  • Country houses and vacation homes

  • Tour operators

  • Excursion organizers

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Can I temporarily deactivate an Object/Number?

What should I do when a guest arrives?

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How do I edit my Business Profile?

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